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Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker Rock Out In “Papercuts”

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Machine Gun Kelly

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Ding! (That’s the sound of the oven letting us know that Machine Gun Kelly’s full transformation to rockstar is finally done).

I, for one, absolutely love rockstar Machine Gun Kelly more than rap Machine Gun Kelly! Strangely, the former feels way more relatable and inspirational. Today, rockstar Machine Gun Kelly decided to release “Papercuts,” a song that is rockier than those mountains in Colorado (I’m such a good writer).



“Papercuts” is deeper than, yes, you guessed it, a papercut (Put me in the hall of fame right now)! The song features one of those tumultuous rock instrumentals that will make you want to jump on your parents’s bed and buy an imaginary guitar (I’ll sell you an imaginary guitar for as low as $299 if you are interested). It also features booth soothing and hardcore vocals and lyrics that indicate that Machine Gun Kelly is going through his fifth coming-of-age. If you are a true rock fan, I see no way that you can think that this song isn’t well done.

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