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Aw s**t, SZA done turned into The Predator’s awkward sister.

If you ask me, SZA is the queen of R&B right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kehlani, some Summer Walker, some Queen Naija, some H.E.R., etc, etc, but none of their music hits as hard as SZA’s music hits. The thing that sucks about the TDE singer is that she rarely releases new music to the world. Well, today, out of the blue, SZA decided to drop three new songs! One of the songs is called “Nightbird.”



“Nightbird” is a groovy R&B jam that boasts boatloads of old-school vibes. In the song, SZA talks about putting up with a man that loves to break her down more than James Harden likes to break down lockdown defenders. As expected, her style of crooning will have you in a spell.

A lot of weird things are happening at TDE right now.

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