The Myth 63

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

The Myth 63 eats very well in “Bonsai.”

If you are a hip-hop fan, there’s nothing better than listening to a song that is filled with hungry raps. What I can happily confirm is that The Myth 63 sounds starving on the mic. In several songs that I’ve heard by him, he wastes zero bars and whips even the strongest of beats. The Myth 63’s latest single, “Bonsai,” will definitely have you understanding why he’s a beast that needs to be fed.

“Bonsai” is powered by a hard-hitting beat that also boasts these very hypnotizing elements. Over it, The Myth 63 hits us with raps that will let you know that he’s down to go to war with anyone, raps that promote his king status, and raps that will affirm his hood-certified ways. While his steady flows and killer punchlines will definitely catch your attention, I think it’s his bombastic demeanor that makes this song go.

Expect to hear “Bonsai” on The Myth 63’s upcoming 63 Ronin mixtape.