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Yeloboi Tommy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A stylish and reflective hip-hop track that unapologetically addresses fake people.

Yeloboi Tommy is a Sydney, Australia-based musician. Growing up listening to classic R&B and pop hits from artists such as Michael Jackson and Bee Gees inspired his present-day passion for songwriting and rapping. Since 2020, Tommy has firmly committed himself to creating new music and showcasing his unique style. His latest drop is the hip-hop single “FRAUDS” and its accompanying music video.

Encompassed in hypnotic sounds, “FRAUDS” reflects on dealing with fake people and personal demons as Tommy delivers his lyrics with evident passion. The visuals have a dark aesthetic and some neon light features that give “FRAUDS” a moody vibe that showcases the lyrics’ darker elements. Still, there’s plenty of optimistic energy radiating from the stylish music video as it shows off Tommy in various places, such as hanging out with friends and dining at a restaurant.  Hip-hop fans will definitely take notice of Tommy’s take on dealing with “FRAUDS.”

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