Mr Champion Reaches “Greatness” As A Rapper In New Single

Mr Champion holds zero back in “Greatness.”

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Mr Champion

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Mr Champion holds zero back in “Greatness.”

If you are a Mr Champion fan, you have been fed well in 2021. This year, he has dropped three impressive tracks: “Miles Freestyle,” “The Greatest Freestyle,” and last but not least, “Greatness.” What I enjoy about Champion’s songs is that they tend to feature explosive raps that contain lyrics that are stuffed with tons of knowledge. In “Greatness,” you get a chance to hear how skilled of a rapper he is.



“Greatness” is one of those powerful rap bangers that will motivate you to reach your potential, to watch the people that are around you, to trust in GOD, and to appreciate confident and competitive rappers. The first thing that will catch your attention is the royal, stimulating beat that powers the song. The second thing that will catch your attention is how Mr Champion relies on steady flows and clever punchlines to vividly describe what he’s about, who he is striving to be, and what he’s hoping to become. All in all, “Greatness” is the definition of a classic hip-hop track.

Listen to “Greatness” by Mr Champion below.

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