Top Down

VJ SurfSquad

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A laidback hip-hop track all about vibing along to life’s carefree adventures.

New London, Connecticut-based musical creative VJ SurfSquad is a hip-hop/rap recording artist. He’s also the CEO of SurfSquad LLC, a Connecticut-based group that promotes street artists. SurfSquad’s prior releases include hip-hop singles like “Surf Squad Anthem” and “Disrespectful.” His album Diary Of A Hustler came out this year. The song “Top Down” is one of the 12-tracks off his new album and is also available as a single release.

“Top Down” captivates with its carefree energy and relaxed beats, encouraging us to keep things casual and uplifting. Simple yet catchy lyrics like “You should let your hair down, let it blow in the wind in the summer” and “Baby the time is right now, let’s do what we want to do” reflect VJ SurfSquad’s mellow mood. “Top Down” is the perfect causal listen, so hop in the car, press play, and let VJ SurfSquad’s lighthearted and playful sense carry you off on a feel-good joyride.

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