J. Cole Tackles Drake’s “Pipe Down” Beat In “Heaven’s EP”

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Heaven’s EP

J. Cole

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Out of all of the beats in the world, I can’t believe that “Pipe Down” is the one that got J. Cole to want to rap again.

I think that it is safe to say that J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake are all tier 1 rappers. Well, when you are as nice as them, you can drop loosies like “Heaven’s EP” that blows up the internet.



“Heaven’s EP” is powered by Drake’s soothing “Pipe Down” beat. Because of this, you would think that Cole would bring out his soft side, right? Nope! Instead, the Dreamville honcho hits us with clever bars that perfectly articulate how hungry he has remained after all of these years, how rough his climb to the top was, and how he deals with some of his insecurities. As expected, you’re going to f**k with the way Cole gets lost in the beat that he is handed, almost allowing it to dictate his feelings every step of the way.

If Cole isn’t on your top 5 list, your list is rigged.

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