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TkMN Puts Up a Great Performance In “Hardaway”



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TkMN pays homage to the former Orlando Magic star in the best way possible in “Hardaway.”

Recently, the NBA released their top 75 players of all-time list. Do you know who was missing from the list? Penny Hardaway. People forget that he was a once-of-a-kind point guard during his prime. For TkMN’s latest single, he decided to pay homage to “Hardway.”

Below is how TkMN described the impact of his “Hardaway” single:

“This song was just a collection of freestyles on the same beat that were put together. I always have a collection of songs i freestyle in the shower and this was one of them. When i felt I was ready, I went to record it at Viva Recording Studios in Ottawa, Ontario and planned the release for months. This was my first hugely successful project as it had put me on the map as an artist in my city and i had gotten my first editorial playlist placement on Spotify.”

“Hardaway” should be played for motivational purposes and to get chill shindigs poppin’. The song boasts this smooth-ass hip-hop beat that will make you nod your head over and over again, melodic raps that are delivered rather astutely, and lyrics that put a major emphasis on reaching your potential and putting on for your city. You can tell that TkMN put his heart and soul into making this song because everything he does on it hits.

Listen to “Hardaway” below.

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