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Joyner Lucas & Ty Dolla $ign Join Forces For “Late To The Party”

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Late To The Party

Joyner Lucas & Ty Dolla $ign

RGM RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I’m pretty sure that Karen Civil is not invited to whatever party that Joyner Lucas is late to.

Joyner Lucas is gearing up for his new album by releasing some major singles. Just last week, the Worcester rapper dropped a song with J. Cole called “Your Heart” that I think is hot fire. Today, Joyner decided to keep the singles coming by releasing “Late To The Party,” a bouncy banger that features the one and only Ty Dolla $ign (Actually, Ty isn’t a one and only anymore… So many people jock his sound these days).



I like “Late To The Party” a lot. From a content standpoint, I f**k with how Ty and Joyner talk about their rough come-ups, their relationships with the people around them, and their boss statuses. As for sonically, I love the infectious melodies and steady flows that both musicians hit us with, in addition to how they meet the song’s uptempo/emotional beat with the right urgency.

Give “Late To The Party” by Joyner Lucas and Ty Dolla $ign a shot below.

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