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Johnny Kulo Puts On A Show In “Don’t Feel Right”

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Don’t Feel Right

Johnny Kulo

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I would love to hear “Don’t Feel Right” performed live.

Berlin-based, Indian artist, Johnny Kulo, knows how to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school neo-soul music. How does he do it? Well, he tends to toy with groovy melodies, deep harmonies, and refined instrumentals in his music. Johnny’s latest single is “Don’t Feel Right,” a track that is so therapeutic, your heartburn symptoms might go away after you are done listening to it.

Below is how Johnny Kulo describes his new single:

“Don’t Reel Right” is not-so-subtle exploration of the quiet storm between desire and distance in a relationship. The production is inspired by the minimal, analogue take of the Soulquarians. It was recorded mostly live, except the vocals and this carries into the feeling of the track.

Personally, what I love about the song is that boasts an instrumental that is both lively and organic and vocals that are electrifying, pure, and passionate. I also like how Johnny spills his heart out lyrically, giving listeners an opportunity to decipher exactly how he feels about the pickle that he is in with his relationship.

Listen to “Don’t Feel Right” below.

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