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Vox Vixen Praises Her Soulmate In “That You Do”

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That You Do

Vox Vixen

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Vox Vixen’s fearlessness permeates through “That You Do.”

Vox Vixen is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur that you should definitely keep an eye on. Why? Because she has a great voice, is comfortable in her own skin, and is extremely versatile (She likes to dabble in pop, R&B, and neo-soul music). Thankfully, in 2021, Vox has dropped a few notable singles for us. One of her best drops this year is the intoxicating “That You Do.”

In “That You Do,” Vox congratulates her companion for knowing how to “touch her, teach her, grow her, and love her.” Since the song is powered by an instrumental that oozes nothing but soulful and feel-good vibes, you get a vocal performance that is Amy Winehouse-Esque and melodies that are easy to drown in out of Von Vixen. She also does a good job of getting completely lost in the song’s spirit, caring less if she sounds overly excited or even discombobulated at times (I absolutely love how she just says whatever that comes to her head towards the end of the song). If you’ve ever been in love before (I’m confident that you have), “That You Do” has to strike a chord with. you.

If you are in need of an energy boost, I highly recommend that you give “That You Do” by Von Vixen a shot below.


2 thoughts on “Vox Vixen Praises Her Soulmate In “That You Do”

  1. 😂 sorry but didn’t this “soul mate” of hers leave her basically homeless once his real “soul mate” returned? Pitiful bit kinda funny too sorry

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