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Octavia The Great Embraces Wearing “No Bra” In New Single

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No Bra

Octavia The Great

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That’s ironic, I didn’t have deodorant on while writing this review.

Octavia Mills (aka Octavia The Great) is a Portsmouth, Virginia-based rapper that has an aura to her that is very refreshing. Octavia exploded onto the scene in 2019 with the release of “Lights On,” and hasn’t looked back since. Her latest single is the very inspirational “No Bra.”

“No Bra” is all about living life without caring about what other people think about you. To display the song’s beautiful spirit, Octavia relies on an instrumental that is upbeat and bouncy, a hook that features just the right amount of soul and pizazz, and raps that are delivered with pure swagger and confidence. Whether you are a bra wearer or not, you have to enjoy every single aspect about this song.

Give “No Bra” a shot below.

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