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Joyner Lucas Pays Homage To His Grind In “Duck Duck Goose”

Duck Duck Goose

Joyner Lucas

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I used to go crazy whenever a girl chose me as their goose.

If you think about it, Joyner Lucas’ rise to the top has been as impressive as it gets. Not only did he have to overcome shady business deals during his come-up (Cough, cough, Karen Civil), but he also didn’t blow up until he was 30 (That’s unheard of these days). Today, Joyner decided to release “Duck Duck Goose,” a song in which he demands his respect from start to finish.



“Duck Duck Goose” is easily Joyner Lucas’ toughest release this year. The track features a hard-ass instrumental that will make you do a stank face, flows that were probably crafted with assistance from God, and lyrics that might make you think that the Worcester MC is the most competitive, aggressive, disrespected, targeted, and violent rapper on this planet.

Give “Duck Duck Goose” a shot below.

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