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Macklemore Returns With “Next Year”

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Next Year


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As long as next year is better than dusty ass 2020, I am a happy camper.

Are you guys ever going to let Macklemore live peacefully after he mistakenly won a Grammy over Kendrick Lamar a few years ago? At the end of the day, he is a good rapper that makes very appealing music. Today, Mack decided to release a brand new single called “Next Year.”



“Next Year” follows a formula that Macklemore loves using. What is that formula? A song that features a relatable topic, an infectious hook by a singer that the world is not familiar with, and a commercial-sounding pop-hop instrumental. Whatever the case may be, I do think that the song features thoughtful lyrics, great energy, and just a dope spirit overall.

Listen to “Next Year” by Macklemore below.

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