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The Way I Feel


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This track makes me want to dust off my dancing shoes.

Toronto’s latest superstar talent, Kallsway, makes music that is funky, timeless, and hella impactful. These last couple of months, she has garnered praise from major publications such as FADER, NPR Music, Essence, Billboard, and more. Today, RGM will give her the flowers that she deserves for releasing the very impressive “The Way I Feel.”

Below is what Kallsway had to say about her new single:

“One thing about me is I can’t hide how I feel, and I won’t. Genuity, honesty, and vulnerability is something very important to me. And in this world, it’s hard to grasp many people who fully have and are those characteristics, without just portraying them. So, even though I want people to get up and dance like crazy to this magical craft, I also want them to feel it too.”

FACTS! “The Way I Feel” sounds very organic. The song boasts an instrumental that features a nice tempo and vibes that I guarantee will put you in a good mood (Or your money back), lyrics that are refreshingly defiant, melodies that are as intoxicating as it gets, and a vocal performance that will give you chills. All in all, “The Way I Feel” is one of those tracks that you will feel in your mind, body, soul, and heart (Those are the kind of songs that you should play often).

Give “The Way I Feel” a shot below.

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