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Listen To “Yellow Tape” By Key Glock

Yellow Tape (Album)

Key Glock

The Memphis rapper does s**t solo dolo on this album.

When it comes to fire-ass Memphis rappers, Key Glock gets lost in the shuffle (Literally, my Apple Music seems to not play his s**t when I have it on shuffle). In my opinion, he is as authentically trap as any other trap rapper in the game. To prove his worth to the world, Glock decided to shoot off “Yellow Tape,” an album that features 20 hard-ass tracks.



The first thing that catches my attention about Yellow Tape is that it has twenty tracks with zero features. I always respect musicians that can do albums all by their lonesome. After pressing play on the album, I found myself engulfed in the songs’ dark trap vibes, every single hood-inspired lyric that Glock spews out, and the easily understandable rap deliveries that he relies on (Glock sounds like he recorded this whole album while laying on a hammock). I mess with this album for sure.

These fives songs stood out to me from this album: “Channel 5,” “Bill Gates,” “Ambition For Cash,” “The 1,” and “Da Truth (The beat attached to “Da Truth” is so fire).”

Listen to Yellow Tape below. If you want a full review of Yellow Tape 2, vote for it on our new “Album Review Vote” page!

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