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At The Bar


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Yo Dead5et, my Uber says I’ll be at the bar in three minutes (Can you order me a few Manhattans?).

Perth, Australia’s very own, Dead5et, is an independent recording artist, producer, and beatmaker. He feels one of the main reasons that he was put on this earth was to make music for lit clubs all over the globe. Dead5et’s latest single is the high octane “At The Bar.”

According to Dead5et, “At The Bar” is all about having a “super epic time at a nightclub/house party/festival.” The song features tons of bass, a helluva build-up, a catchy hook, a great tempo, a siren that will either scare you or get you hyped the hell up, both chill and boisterous deliveries, and most importantly, rebellious lyrics about taking more shots than Alonzo from Training Day. Warning: If you listen to this song on a weekday, it might make you email your manager to let them know that you are calling off work early. If you listen to this song on a weekend, it might make you call your DD to let them know that it’s going to be a sloppy night.

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