goodboy noah Calls Out Someone Suspicious In “Buggin”

“Buggin” is old-school R&B at its finest.

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goodboy noah

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“Buggin” is old-school R&B at its finest.

goodboy noah has a very infectious spirit to him. Not only does his name have ‘good’ in it, but If you take a peek at his music catalog on Spotify, you will see tons of colorful pictures. With that being said, goodboy is someone that isn’t afraid to speak his mind (aka call someone out) in his music. In his latest single, “Buggin,” he drags someone that knows how to push his buttons.

goodboy noah said the following about “Buggin:”

“Buggin” is about “when your girl is playing with your emotions with no regard for your underlying mental health issues. Also, the beat goes hard.”

Well said, goodboy! Personally, what I like about the song is that it features an old-school R&B sound that folks that grew up reading Word Up! magazines will adore. It also features hypnotizing melodies, a vocal performance that gives off youthful vibes, and lyrics that are so damn relatable (I’ve messed with way too many bucketheads in my life). 

Give “Buggin” a shot below.

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