Steph Delz Drops “Against The Odds”

Steph Delz refuses to let his naysayers bring him down.

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Against The Odds

Steph Delz


Steph Delz refuses to let his naysayers bring him down.

Steph Delz is ten toes down with his music career. In the last couple of months, he has dropped a myriad of singles (“Made Up Mind,” “Automatic,” “Big Mood,” and “Our Thing”). Soon, Delz plans on releasing a brand new EP. The first single off the project is “Against The Odds.”

According to Steph Delz, “Against The Odds” is about “standing tall against adversity and situations that could’ve possibly destroyed you. It pinpoints observation and reflection on the world and some of my more recent personal experiences, namely as it relates to women.” Though the song’s quality is a little on the poor side, I think folks will like the sly beat that powers it. I also think that folks will like how Steph swags his way to the finish line, delivering his bars about being the s**t in the slickest way possible. If you want to listen to a rap track that oozes pizazz, give “Against The Odds” a shot.

Steph Delz might be the Luka Doncic of rap (He has tons of confidence).


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