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Top Five Music Themed Video Games

Music has become significantly more important to the video games industry over the past couple of decades. However, what we experience in gaming now is a far cry from the days of the late 1980s, when digitized versions of music were heard on titles such as Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. Fast-forward to the current day and the importance of the industry to musicians is very evident. As bands and artists now look to leverage video games as a way of promoting their music and their brand.

The popular FIFA soccer game franchise has featured tracks prominently from the likes of Blur and Muse. Meanwhile, the equally popular Grand Theft Auto thrusts music forward as one of its main aspects to creating an atmosphere like no other in its fictional cityscapes. Players in the game drive their cars around listening to the fake radio stations which play tracks from Travis Scott, Bobby Brown, ZZ Top, Dr. DRE. The impact of GTA on Dre is evident, as the former NWA founder member is creating more music for the franchise.

This all demonstrates the importance that the video game industry puts on having a solid soundtrack. There have since been many games based on music, titles like Singstar brought a gaming spin on karaoke to the consoles. The genre of music-based gaming is also just as popular on mobiles. There are several music-themed titles amongst the online slots featured by Foxy Games, including Mild Rockers and Dancing Drums. By using imagery familiar to rock fans, the developer hopes to attract them into a different type of game, namely online slots. That deviation from typical musical themes isn’t uncommon; programmers often look to platform games to appeal to gamers who are music fans, with Blues Brothers on the C64 a classic example. It’s a retro title, but these bands’ influence and their music can still clearly be seen in games today.

So, let’s look at some games which have been inspired by music and have become massive hits.

5. Guitar Hero

This game was an instant hit when it was released and arguably brought a whole new group of people to gaming. But it also made every one of its players feel like a rock god. The rhythm action game utilized its plastic guitar peripheral, which had five-colored ‘frets’ and then a rocker switch to strum. Players had to match the colors on the screen to those on the guitar’s neck while following the beat. It is simple to play, hard to master, and the music is fantastic.



4. Rock Band

Rock Band took what Guitar Hero did and made it bigger and better. Not only did this rhythm action game feature a guitar, but it also brought drums and a microphone to the virtual stage, too. The introduction of these just added an extra layer of immersion over Guitar Hero. So you could truly rock out with your friends to tunes from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss, Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age and more.



3. Rocksmith

This was a different twist on the rhythm game, as it you could use an actual electric guitar to play. But not only that, the game taught players how to play the guitar, with instructions on finger placement, tempo changes and more. You could even learn to play everything from ‘Soul Man’ to ‘Learn to Fly’. It’s one of the most satisfying music titles to play.



2. Tetris Effect

Tetris is a game that has captivated players for years, although it had a catchy soundtrack that became a real earworm, too. But Tetris Effect is a whole new experience. As players place blocks, it changes the tempo of the music in the game, and it just has a real flow to it. This new twist on a classic game is made so much better by the atmosphere created by the music.



1. Def Jam Vendetta

If hip hop had a reputation of a gritty, aggressive style of music, then Def Jam Vendetta did nothing to change that. This game saw players take on the roles of famous Def Jam Records artists like DMX, Ghostface Killah. Method Man and more in an all-out brutal wrestling game.

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