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Misfit Toys

Pusha T & Mako

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“Misfit Toys” is featured on the “League of Legends” soundtrack.

I’ve been patiently waiting for Pusha T’s follow-up to his classic DAYTONA album. As he continues to make us wait, the Virginia Beach native has been serving us with great guest appearances. Today, a song called “Misfit Toys” that features him has hit streaming services.



“Misfit Toys” features a futuristic beat, killer bars by Pusha T, and passionate vocals by Siri’s violent boyfriend Mako. Though the song boasts vibes that you might think are bizarre for Pusha, he does sound like his usual drug-dealing/rap bully self in his verses.

Can you imagine owing a robot drug dealer? (That s**t would be next-level scary)

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