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Who said chivalry was dead?

Finessen has had a very productive 2021. Earlier this year, he released an album called The Gift that features all kinds of smooth bangers. Finessen also dropped a few hot-ass singles this year. One that I know will resonate with folks is “Shy.”

In “Shy,” Finessen raps about spoiling his woman with companionship, luxurious items, and a new location (You know you are a baller when you can change your girl’s location). What I love about the song is how Finessen practically floats through it using a style of rapping/singing that will put listeners in a trance. I also love how he hits us with lyrics that would make ballers, lottery winners, real ones, providers, and true romantics say “AMEN.” All in all, “Shy” is a positive boost for Finessen’s resume.

Finessen’s music has strong replay value.


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