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Lil Pump & Nesi Link Up For Spanish Single “Contacto”


Lil Pump & Nesi

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Woah, this whole time I thought that Lil Pump was Creole.

Lil Pump hasn’t quite been a household name these last couple of years. Matter of fact, I don’t recall a single song by him that I like after his “I Love It” joint with Kanye West. With that being said, today, the Florida rapper decided to release “Contacto,” a track that I think is very damn good.



There is not a single ounce of English spoken in “Contacto;” the song is fully in Spanish. Since I failed Spanish in both high school and college (Yes, I retook the class and failed it), I can’t tell you what is said in the song. What I can tell you is that the song features a bass booming beat that I absolutely love (It actually gives me “I Love It” vibes), a sly-ass rap style by Pump, and a sexy-ass verse by newcomer Nesi. All in all, I legitimately f**k with this song.

I think that Pump should make the full transition to Latin rapper. It’s a good sound for him.

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