Pretty Girls Love Toosii (Album)


Toosii blesses us with a three-pack Shakur that features nothing but slow jams.

Lowkey, Toosii is one of the most versatile musicians in the game today. I’ve heard him spit both murderous bars and smooth melodies in his music. In Pretty Girls Love Toosii, his latest offering, Toosii shows off his smooth R&B side.


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I wouldn’t say that I am hella impressed with this project, but I will say that it is sneaky good. In it, Toosii does a good job of asserting his hood romantic will over instrumentals that are on some authentic R&B s**t. I wouldn’t recommend that you press play on this project if you are about to hit the streets; I recommend that you press play on it if you are with your partner and y’all are about to hit the sheets.