Nas caps off his amazing 2021 with “Magic.”




Honorable Mention. Wave Gods

Do you know what “Wave Gods” reminds me of? “Coming Of Age” and “Coming Of Age (Da Sequel)” with Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek.

Before y’all kill me for comparing A$AP Rocky to Memphis Bleek, what I’m going to need you to remember is that Bleek used to put up fire-ass verses in his prime. Anywho, the chemistry that Nas and A$AP Rocky show in “Wave Gods” is phenomenal. They match each other’s energy and go hard in the paint like Giannis from a lyrical standpoint. I don’t think “Wave Gods” is a top 3 song on this album, but I do think that it’s one of the most notable songs.



3. 40-16

Nas spits Godly bars in “40-16.”

Doesn’t “40-16” sound mean as s**t? Not only is the song powered by a beat that knocks harder than a Jehovah’s Witness, but it also features Nas’ grittiest deliveries mixed in with lyrics that bosses will continuously say Amen to. All in all, “40-16” just feels like that one Nas track that solidifies his greatness.

2. Meet Joe Black

Nas talks major s**t in “Meet Joe Black.”

I like it when my favorite rappers are humble, but I like it even more when they pop off. In “Meet Joe Black,” Nas proclaims himself to be the number one rapper in the game, he talks about his chain birthing other chains, and he talks about robbing folks. Overall, the song is harder than trying to beat Mario Bros without a mushroom.

After this year, Nas might be in my top 10 of all time.



1. The Truth

“The Truth” sounds like it came here from 1994 via Marty McFly’s Delorean.

I legit don’t know what’s more impressive: The hard-hitting/tough-ass beat that powers this song or Nas’ vintage raps. Whatever the case may be, when you combine the two, you get a masterpiece that would be nominated for rap song of the year in any year.

Another thing that you should pay attention to with this track is the words that Nas spews out on it. Throughout the song, he spits game about a bunch of things that I think jits can learn from. If you have a notepad in your vicinity, grab it and take notes while you listen to this joint.


1. Speechless (4/5)

2. Meet Joe Black (4/5)

3. Ugly (4/5)

4. 40-16 (4/5)

5. Hollywood Gangsta (4/5)

6. Wu For The Children (4/5)

7. Wave Gods (4/5)

8. The Truth (5/5)

9. Dedicated (4/5)




Nas went 2/2 like s**t this year. Magic is just as good as King’s Disease II, and it isn’t even a deluxe project.

Right now, Nas is Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl at 43, LeBron James being an MVP candidate at 37, and your father that could still run the grill effectively at 65. The level of perfection that he still raps with at 48 is hella impressive. What I think makes Magic special is that it features a version of Nas that is as competitive as it gets. Yes, he talks his s**t throughout the album, but also, he does a good job of hitting us with aggressive deliveries and lyrics that are very assertive. It’s almost like Nas has been living with a family member that has been telling him that he’s overrated every single day.

As good as Nas is on this album, we have to make sure that we give Hit-Boy his props for what he was able to achieve on this album. Magic is full of beats that are mean and authentically hip-hop. You can tell that Hit-Boy knows the exact kind of beats that would gas Nas up to be the best version that he can be.

When you’re hot, you have to keep shooting, right? Right now, Nas is on a roll, and I am happy that he’s actually doing something about it.

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  1. Nas is the GOAT. Period! after 25 plus years in the game and put out 3 dope projects back to back, there’s no denying this.

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