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Emmitt Dupree Reflects On Heartache In “Hours Make Ours”

Hours Make Ours

Emmitt Dupree

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A heartfelt single exploring the negative qualities of a toxic partner.

Arizona-based singer-songwriter Emmitt Dupree is a hip-hop artist who makes hypnotic/soulful tunes. Dupree’s self-coined “Blues Rap” style uses heartfelt lyrics to review challenging topics, providing an emotional experience that feels authentic and wonderfully infectious. His previous work includes standout singles like “Klaus Revenge” and “Facing Love.” Emmitt Dupree’s latest drop is the soulful single “Hours Make Ours.” The track is accompanied by an official music video that echoes the artist’s message with a mind-changing take on toxic relationships.

Accompanied by a backdrop of emotional sounds, Emmitt reflects on a lethal lover who has left him with plenty of grief. With these beats, his distinctive storytelling style brings a poetic and intimate sense to his work once more. Lyrics like “You made the list of things that I’m cutting out” and “Every rock I threw in this song will be lying at your feet” provide an honest look at the everyday pains caused by a problematic companion. You don’t want to sleep on this talented artist. Go check out Emmitt Dupree’s “Hours Make Ours” for a somber reflection on the dark side of love.

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