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Psyclo Keeps The Heartfelt Records Coming With “I’m Not Lovesick”

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I’m Not Lovesick


“I’m Not Lovesick” will hit streaming services very soon.

Psyclo is a China-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter that sees no boundaries when she makes songs. What I like about her is that she doesn’t limit her love for music to just one genre; she is a hip-hop fan, a death metal fan, and a hard rock fan. Some of Psyclo’s biggest hits to date are “Freaks,” “City Blood Bank,” and “Friend.” Really soon, she will release a brand new single called “I’m Not Lovesick.”

Psyclo promises that “I’m Not Lovesick” will pull at heartstrings. She says the song is “raw and personal” and “reflects on her feeling trapped her whole life, and longing for company.” With Psyclo’s uncanny ability to make her words come alive through hypnotizing and passionate vocals, listeners should expect to be enamored by “I’m Not Lovesick.”

Stay tuned for “I’m Not Lovesick.”




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