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Russ Flexes His Vocals In “Remember”

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Holy s**t, I didn’t know that Russ could sing like this…

Russ fed us well in 2021. Not only was he releasing a brand new song every week at one point, but he also dropped the fantastic CHOMP 2. Fourteen days into 2022, Russ decided to release “Remember,” a track that is the complete opposite of the music that you heard on his last project.

When it comes to ranking the most versatile musicians in the game today, Russ’ name should be high on the list. In the last couple of years, he has dropped just as many R&B songs as rap songs. With that being said, “Remember” might be the R&B-iest track that Russ has ever made. The song features slow-burning instrumentation, powerful vocals, and lyrics that are so damn romantic. S**t, I think this song could get even the Steve Urkels of the world laid.

Give “Remember” a shot below.

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