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NBA YoungBoy Sounds Ready For War In “Know Like I Know”

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Know Like I Know

NBA YoungBoy

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I heard some subs in this song (Black Forest Ham, Meatball Marinara, and all them other s**ts)…

I legit be wondering whether or not NBA YoungBoy will run out of melodies and raps one day. In the last three weeks, I swear that I’ve heard at least five new songs by him. At this pace, we might hear about 300 new NBA YoungBoy songs by December. With that being said, today, the Louisiana-born rapper decided to release “Know Like I Know,” a toxic banger that features shots towards a few of his foes.

Jen Shaw is no longer the most toxic person in Utah; NBA YoungBoy is. Since being released from jail and moving to Utah, YB has been talking his s**t. In his previous release, he took shots at O Block; in “Know Like I Know,” I swear he’s taking shots at someone with an N and an E in his name. YoungBoy’s first verse starts off with the following lyrics:

When we send yo stupid ass to God for makin’ statements
Choosin’ sides about my beef with them lil boys
I can say I saw it, you can say I was your favorite n*gga
Better stay up in your place b*tch
F*ck around get yo face split

Aside from NBA’s perceived shots, he also talks about wanting smoke with his competition and being ready to risk his life to get his respect. If you are down for violent music, you will enjoy this song. If you are a psychiatrist, you might faint after listening to the song.

Give “Know Like I Know” a shot below.

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