Alexa Valentino's album cover


Alexa Valentino

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A sad, angry, and personal pop song.

Alexa Valentino is a singer, songwriter, and actress that has already carved out quite a career, despite being only 17 years old. She’s been performing since she was 4 years old, and so far, has acted in both regional and off-Broadway productions. As an actress, Alexa is exposed to music; therefore, her influence on the music scene reflects what she puts into performing. On her website, she claims that her style “has tons of raw emotion and storytelling.” Alexa has been working for a long time to produce quality tunes, and on November 12th, she released her debut EP titled “A Guide to Moving On.” We can see the title come true through her songs and style.

“bleed” is the second song on Alexa Valentino’s EP, kicking the album’s emotion off to a great start. Hurting is one of the first steps that you must experience in order to start moving on, right? This is a story about that moment after a heartbreak when you become angry with yourself because you let the heartbreak happen. As the album continues through the various emotions of broken souls, Alexa’s lyrics reflect the disappointment; which eventually turns into acceptance in its own form. Through the pain, her musical style reminds one of Taylor Swift’s most recent work.

A forewarning is necessary here: If you recently went through a breakup, you’re likely to end up in tears or have your own emotions bleed out while listening to this song. Go ahead, however, and listen to Alexa Valentino’s “bleed.” Trust me, it’s worth it.