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Trvi & Booka600 Keep It Real In “Nah Never”

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Nah Never

Trvi &  Booka600

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

The emotional vibes run rampant in “Nah Never.”

Trvi is an Atlanta-based artist that makes music that is meant to strike a chord with listeners. While she has dropped some pretty good singles in the past (“Huh,” “Yeah,” and “No One Cares”), her “Nah Never” single with Booka600 might be her most impressive release to date.

“Nah Never” is powered by an emotional trap beat that practically begs Trvi and Booka600 to bring out their most vulnerable and honest sides. Thankfully, they do just that. In Trvi’s verse, she soulfully sings about overcoming trials and tribulations on her way to success, while Booka600 calmly raps about paying homage to the late King Von and prioritizing friendships. Whether you grew up seeing the kind of things that the two rappers saw or not, there is no way that you cannot be moved by this track.

Give “Nah Never” a shot below.




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