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So Sweet


I can’t give such a sweet song a rating!

There’s nothing like unconditional love. I mean, there are so many things that we love in our lives that don’t love us back, right? Food, celebrities, spouses, etc, etc. Someone you can almost always count on loving you back is your pets. With that being said, WNTR PPPR, a talented artist from Grapevine, Texas, decided to dedicate his latest single, “So Sweet,” to his lovely puppy Miki.

“So Sweet” is literally short and sweet. Clocking in at just 1:43, the song boasts a pleasant and organic vocal performance, a guitar-driven instrumental that is beyond soothing, melodies that are highly infectious, and most importantly, lyrics that perfectly express the love that WNTRR PPPR has for his Miki (Even though he does talk about her blunders here and there in the song). Whether you are a pet owner or not, I think the precious vibes attached to “So Sweet” will strike a chord with you.

I didn’t know that dogs ate turtles! Miki, you are definitely one-of-a-kind.


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