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NBA YoungBoy Drops “Mr Grim Reaper”

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Mr Grim Reaper

NBA YoungBoy

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Somebody should tell NBA YoungBoy that he doesn’t need to release new music days after he drops a project.

I have a new appreciation for NBA Youngboy’s music. In his last project, there were a few tracks like “Foolish Figure” and “Emo Rock” that really resonated with me. I don’t quite think that “Mr Grim Reaper” is as good as those songs, but it is just as emotional.

In “Mr Grim Reaper,” NBA YoungBoy confesses to doing some sinful things and talks about worrying about his family and friends’ safety. Though I think that the best thing about the song is the passionate vocals that the Lousiana rapper blesses us with, his intriguing lyrics are what moved me the most.

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