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Nick Cannon Calls On ItsAMovie & Rick Ross For “My Pimpin”

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My Pimpin

Nick Cannon (Ft. Rick Ross & ItsAMovie)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Nick Cannon knows a thing or two about pimpin…

I’m old enough to remember when Nick Cannon actually had a legitimate rap career. These days, he’s known more for making kids and daytime TV shows. It’s obvious that making music is still in Nick’s heart because he flirts with the idea of dropping new songs all the time. Today, the Nickelodeon alum decided to release “My Pimpin,” a track that actually has him going toe to toe with Rick Ross.

Remember “Gigolo” by Nick Cannon? That song would be considered the PG version of “My Pimpin.” In the latter, using shaky vocals and pretty decent rap flows, Nick hits us with lyrics that indicate that he’s been slaying women for most of his life. While I did cringe a little listening to his raps, I do admit, they were pretty entertaining overall. As for Rick Ross and ItsAMovie, the former drops a verse that falls directly in line with what the song is about while the latter actually sets the tone for the song with a very catchy hook.

Nick Cannon straddles the line between PG and Rated R very well.


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