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Bussin It

LaLa J

LaLa J is the f**king truth.

LaLa J is an up-and-coming rapper that spits bars that hit harder than your mother when she finds out that you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer when you got home from school. One of her most popular singles is the explosive “Unbothered.” LaLa’s latest single is the rebellious and fierce “Bussin It.”

“Bussin It” is powered by a menacing, hard-hitting beat that folks from both the West Coast and Detroit will love. Over the beat, LaLa J absolutely goes off! Not only does she hit us with flows that are dynamic as hell, but she also hits us with bars about having a cold heart, getting to the bag, living lavishly, and dunking on her haters. What I think makes the song dope is that it feels like a raw-ass freestyle that features lyrics that will give you a great introduction to who LaLa is. I also think the song is a kick-ass women empowerment anthem.

Give “Bussin It” by LaLa J a shot.


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