P.M. Tiger Shapez's song cover


P.M. Tiger

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Playful and deep lyrics in a psychedelic rock song.

P.M. Tiger, full artist name Paper Mâché Tiger, has the bold mission of bringing dance back to rock. The Florida-based band is made up of Jordan Rosenberg, Joshua Rosenberg, Max McEwan, and John Bruno. In February, the band released their debut long-play record titled “MY LOVE MUSIC.” Their popularity has grown; as a result, their music videos have reached many fans, and some songs have more than 30 thousand views. The band’s Spotify, Twitter, and website currently have all of their songs available for streaming. Recently, P.M. Tiger released their newest single, titled “Shapez.” Additionally, the song has an accompanying vintage music video.

This is not a band talking about common topics like love and heartbreak; they go deeper into the ordinary topics of our lives. Lyrics like “Wait your turn / Stand in line / For the rest of your life” question if you are really living the life you wanted. The slow, soft beats feel like a movie moment in the rain, with a hint of psychedelic sounds. Think Fosters The People meets Arctic Monkeys. There’s something vintage with a modern dance style incorporated into this instrumental track. So, stream P.M. Tiger’s “Shapez,” and enjoy a reflective dance all your own.