Publicity Stunt

Gucci Mane

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

You just knew that Gucci Mane was not going to let a diss towards him slide.

NBA YoungBoy’s “I Hate NBA YoungBoy” track is one of the most heinous diss records I’ve ever heard in my life. While most of his ire was aimed at Lil Durk, he did take a shot at Gucci Mane in the song. Today, Gucci decided to retaliate with a dark new track called “Publicity Stunt” in which he reminds folks that he is as evil as Putin and that bringing up his name in a song is a bad idea.

I’m not sure there is a person that is more war-ready than Gucci. Everything street rappers claim to have done, he’s factually done. While “Publicity Stunt” feels like a warning shot, I’m interested to see how Gucci responds if s**t between him and YoungBoy escalates even more.

Give “Publicity Stunt” a shot below.

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