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Syd & Lucky Daye Go “CYBAH” In New Collaboration Single

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Syd (Ft. Lucky Daye)

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They don’t make slow-burning tracks like “CYBAH” anymore.

I truly believe that Syd is one of the best singers on this planet; she just doesn’t look like your typical female singer, so she doesn’t get the credit that she deserves. In a few weeks, Syd will release a brand new project that I think will make people put respect on her name. One of the lead singles off the project is “CYBAH” with Lucky Daye.

Clothes will come off, masks will be pulled off, and feelings will be shown whenever “CYBAH” is played. In the track, over a stereotypical 80s-styled R&B instrumental, Syd and Lucky Daye go back and forth on some ‘could you be fragile with my heart’ type s**t. When it’s all said and done, I think the song features vocals, melodies, and lyrics that draw you in every step of the way (Did someone say “draws”?).

Give “CYBAH” a shot below.

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