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Dreezy Returns From Quarantine With “COVID Flow”

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Dreezy definitely talks her s**t in “COVID Flow.”

Dreezy is one of Chicago’s finest. A few years back, I remember hearing numerous songs she bodied with competitive raps and explosive deliveries. After taking a bit of a hiatus, Dreezy has returned with a brand new banger called “COVID Flow.”

Dreezy talks big s**t in “COVID Flow.” Over a beat that sounds like the music that plays while you’re fighting Dr. Robotnik in Sonic The Hedgehog, Dreezy drops bars about making money during a pandemic, her weak competition, and her willingness to floss her ass off. I think the punchlines she delivers are fantastic. I also think the aggression she raps with is noteworthy.

Give “COVID Flow” by Dreezy a shot below.

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