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Loosies (Album)

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Damn, DON’T MISS really don’t be missing.

On some real s**t, you have to have next-level confidence to name yourself “DON’T MISS.” The good news is this: DON’T MISS have next-level confidence and then some. Since 2019, the production duo has created well-structured music that everyone from trap fans to alternative fans to pop fans can enjoy. They’ve also done some impressive songwriting, too. Recently, DON’T MISS released a project called Loosies that features some impressive hip-hop tracks.

Loosies is jam-packed with soulful, grungy, old-school-sounding, psychedelic, chill, and pure production. The album is also jam-packed with raps (From hungry MCs) that straddle the line between competitive, wisdom-filled, ignant, and sly. All in all, if you are a fan of hip-hop music that is a splash of experimental but also vintage-sounding, I recommend that you press play on this album.

My favorite tracks from this album are the following: “DAISY CHAINS,” “IDRIS ELBA,” “CIGARETTES,” “BLACK BOY JOY,” and “DNTFCKWTHME.”

Give Loosies a shot below.

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