Tip The Surgeon

Young M.A.

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Young M.A. knows how to talk s**t and be generous at the same time.

Young M.A. has been pretty quiet this year — which is interesting because drill music is as popular as it’s ever been right now. With that being said, today, the New York rapper decided to release “Tip The Surgeon,” yet another drill track that features very impressive punchlines.


If Young M.A. wasn’t a rapper, I think she would be a great comedian. She actually drops a bunch of funny-ass lines in her music. In “Tip The Surgeon,” a track with a funny title, M.A. finds comical ways to let us know that she’s spent a bag on her girl’s body and that she has smoke for anyone that wants to get at her. While I don’t think the song is great (It sounds a little incomplete), it’s definitely enjoyable.

Give “Tip The Surgeon” a shot below.