Shake The World

August Alsina


Will Smith has put his slapping hand on high alert.

The drama between Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Chris Rock, and August Alsina probably has Tyler Perry salivating. Between slaps, entanglements, and Jaden’s diet, there’s a lot going on there. After the first official Monday in which no one started their gossip show with the Will Smith Oscar fiasco, August decided to “Shake the World” with his latest release.


I didn’t give “Shake The World” two stars because I am Team Will; I gave it two stars because the song sounds strange. Not only does it never fully gets started, but it also features all kinds of singing and rapping styles that just don’t match with one another. August does tackle his newfound side dude fame in the song, making it very interesting to listen to.

I f**k with August Alsina’s music, but this “Shake The World” song isn’t it, bro.

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