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Lizzo Returns With “About Damn Time”

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About Damn Time


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The million-dollar question is this: Will McDonald’s ever let us know what’s in their secret sauce? Will Lizzo be able to recreate the same magic that she had when she first hit the music scene? Since talent usually prevails, I’m going to say that she can. Today, Lizzo decided to release “About Damn Time,” a song that is really hard to say is bad.


“About Damn Time” is a funky, energetic, heart-pumping, and infectious hit. In the song, Lizzo sings about letting loose and holding nothing back when it comes to showing the world her true self. The performance that she puts up mashes slight raps with infectious melodies. It also gives every performance on Silk Sonic’s last album a run for its money.

GIve “About Damn Time” by Lizzo a shot below.

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