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Benzino Addresses A Bunch Of Sh*t In “Zino Vs The Planet”

Whatchu Think?

Zino Vs The Planet



Benzino has had enough with the chastising.

Before Benzino played a pimp in Love & Hip-Hop, he was a magazine owner turnt rapper. These days, unfortunately, he doesn’t rap as much. After facing some serious allegations these past couple of days, Zino decided to return to the music scene with “Zino Vs The Planet,” a song in which he kicks ass and takes names.


In “Zino Vs The Planet,” Benzino addresses internet trolls, Coi Leray, and 50 Cent. While I do think that he does a good job of calmly defending himself, the majority of his vitriol is reserved for 50 Cent. Below are some of the lyrics Zino shot 50’s way:

50 keep it a hunnid
I helped you when they jumped you
I should have let them ghost you just like Kanan when they slumped you

I’m not going to lie, Benzino vs. 50 Cent is the most uninteresting beef of all time.

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