Lil Baby

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Lil Baby really treats every song that he’s on like he’s down 3-2 in a seven-game series.

To most, Lil Baby has exceeded expectations; I’m pretty sure Lil Baby thinks that he still has a lot more to achieve. How do I know this? Well, you can tell by listening to his music. Every song that he drops (Especially lately) features a level of passion that is noteworthy. Baby’s latest release, “Frozen,” further proves my point that the Atlanta rapper still has something to prove.


Lil Baby goes off in “Frozen;” I’m talking the kind of off in which his homies could’ve tapped him on his shoulder while he was rapping and he wouldn’t have felt that s**t. Over a riveting beat, he keeps the bars about his Teflon strong mentality and rough come-up coming. What’s interesting is that his hungry deliveries never ease up; if anything, he sounds hungrier and hungrier as the song plays on.

Baby deserves a hood Pulitzer prize. He definitely has an uncanny ability to inspire with his music.

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