CP Original

Tian Boothe

A hypnotizing love song with plenty of passion.

Tian Booth is an American film director and musician. When it comes to the music side, she does everything in her power to bless listeners with songs that are “truthful and compassionate.” Tian’s music is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Her latest single is the highly infectious “CP Original.”

In “CP Original,” Tian Boothe sings about being in love with someone that understands the exact touch, words, and vibes that could put her on cloud nine. Personally, what I like about the song is that it boasts an intoxicating instrumental, very smooth melodies, and lyrics that feel like they came directly from the heart. In other words, Tian does a great job of coming across as your everyday person that is smitten with love.

Give “CP Original” a shot and a half below.

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