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King DAK and NOLAN Are Open Books In “STAY”



Why are taken women some of the most desirable women?

King Dak is an up-and-coming artist from Ohio who I think has talent out the wazoo. In 2022 alone, he has released a bunch of smooth bangers that have gotten tons of love on streaming platforms such as Spotify. DAK’s latest single is “STAY,” a track that highlights his knack for combining smooth melodies with juicy lyrics.

In “STAY,” King Dak and featured guest NOLAN drop melodic bars about dealing with chicks that they are feeling but are pretty much taken. In the song, the two musicians do fantastic jobs of meeting the uptempo/serene beat at the rim with infectious melodies and tons of passion. All in all, “STAY” is a catchy banger that might make you rethink who you decide to cozy up with.

GIve “STAY” a shot below.

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