KioLLUMINATI’s passion for improvement is inspiring.

KioLLUMINATI is a California-based artist that makes very unique hip-hop music. What I really like about him is that he relies on his creativity and natural vibes to create his musical masterpieces. If you are interested in getting familiar with KioLLUMINATI’s music, I recommend that you click HERE to view his Spotify page. if you need some more selling, check out his latest single, “Progression,” below.

The first thing that caught my attention while listening to “Progression” was the beat. It has this uptempo/infectious/colorful sound that I think encourages unruly dancing and unique melodies. The good news is that we get the opposite in the song. What we get is hard-hitting rap verses from KioLLUMINATI that have him speaking his greatness into existence, showcasing his work ethic, and highlighting the growth that is needed to fix a negative mindset. While the beat that powers the song is pretty chill, I love how KioLLUMINATI practically plows through it like someone that is hungry for success.

Listen to “Progression” by KioLLUMINATI below.





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