First Class (Freestyle)


I beg you not to sleep on Brandy (aka B Rocka).

Since my sister grew up a huge Brandy fan (The singer, not the liquor), I knew all about her personal life, her hits, and her ability to clap back at haters. Unfortunately, Jack Harlow, who was born around the same time Brandy was booming, wasn’t informed of her greatness. In a recent interview with Ebro in the Morning, Jack struggled to identify Brandy’s voice and accomplishments. In “First Class (Freestyle),” the Moesha actor decided to show Jack who she is… Ass-kicking style!

Brandy definitely snapped here. Over the hella smooth “First Class” beat, she hurls out lyrics that mainly highlight her impressive resume and cleverly pokes fun at Jack Harlow’s name. The aggression that she spits with is noteworthy, while the wordplay and punchlines she spews out are top-notch. All in all, I am very impressed by this effort from Brandy.

Someone should’ve told Jack that Brandy made the “Boy Is Mines…” she’s always been down to whip ass.

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