hittin heavy

BZ Ali

Make sure you remember BZ Ali’s name.

BZ Ali is an MC that reps both Austin and Vegas; that’s fitting because his price keeps going up (Have you seen how much the single-family homes are these days in both cities?). While he’s practically had his foot on the gas for the last four years, there’s something about the music that he is making this year that really stands out to me. With that being said, one of BZ’s best tracks to date, “hitting heavy,” is fresh out of the pot.

I’m not going to lie, I am a sucker for introspective tracks like “hittin heavy.” In the song, over a soothing beat, BZ spits hard-hitting bars that highlight his hunger for loyalty, his growth as a person, and his focus on getting to the money. Personally, I love how the song floats along peacefully, giving listeners a chance to have a well-needed mental escape.

Listen to “hittin heavy” by BZ Ali.

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